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FRESH START A Student Debt Forgiveness Program at City Colleges of Chicago

Now’s the Time to Come Back

City Colleges of Chicago is dedicated to helping students get a quality education. We believe that a gap in your studies is no reason to ignore your dream, and we’re committed to helping you finish the goals you started.

To support these efforts, we’ve launched Fresh Start.

If you’ve been away from City Colleges, this is your opportunity to re-ignite your education. Enroll with the goal of obtaining a degree or certificate, and your prior debt will be waived.

If debt has held you back, City Colleges is here for you.

You are eligible to participate in Fresh Start if you: 

  • Were enrolled in (or attempted to enroll at) City Colleges within the past 10 years 
  • Earned at least one credit at City Colleges 
  • Left with a GPA of 1.0 or higher 
  • Stayed on track to complete your credential while enrolled at City Colleges (i.e. maintained satisfactory academic progress) 
  • Did not earn an associate degree or higher from City Colleges of Chicago or any other college or university

How to Participate

Let’s Do This Right

While participating in the program means that your old debt will be waived, it is your responsibility to secure the tuition for the term for which you enroll. This could mean setting up a tuition payment plan, financial aid, or paying out of pocket. City Colleges has many ways to help you pay for college; visit for details. We’ve also set tuition payment deadlines for each semester, ensuring our students remain in good standing and can continue in their classes without getting into new debt. With the payment plan options and tuition deadlines, you can have a much easier time avoiding debt and completing your education.

Fresh Start is a one-time opportunity, meaning it’s your best shot at erasing your prior college debt, earning your degree or certificate, entering a fulfilling career, and/or transferring to a four-year college or university. This debt relief program will run for three years starting Summer 2020 and applies only to debt accumulated before Spring 2020.

Get back on track. Call us at 773-COLLEGE.

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